Saving wolves, one smile at a time.....

Journey is a high-content wolf dog, which is a highly intelligent and social animal. Ambassador Journey’s mission is to travel 24/7; to meet, greet, and educate all people and other animals about how beautiful, sweet, well-mannered, and loving wolf dogs can be.

Journey loves to travel and meet new and old friends – human and animal. You can meet Journey at many private and public events, photo shoots and just out and about. He loves people and is especially great with children.

His mission is to educate others about the plight of the wolves in the wild and the resulting damaging effects this has on our precious ecosystem.

Journey and his team strive to raise awareness about the cruel and inhumane ‘wolf management’ where hunters are hunting, beating and otherwise torturing his brothers and sisters in the wild.

Journey’s mission is to dispel the Big Bad Wolf myth, and to put a smile in the hearts and souls of those who meet him.

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