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"The Legend of the Wolf Moon" was told to Tonya by her grandfather, a full-blooded Apache from San Carlos, Arizona.

The animals met and decided they needed leadership. They chose two pairs; one from the water, one from the air, and two from the earth whose breeding together created two wolf pups.

The two cubs were again placed on the earth. 

When they reached the right age, they walked to the opening of their den.

When their eyes opened for the first time in their new world that autumn evening, the first thing they saw was the yellow harvest moon.

The color of the moon absorbed into their eyes, thus creating the yellow eyes of wolf pups.

This color then absorbed into the eyes of all predatory animals.

Tonya Littlewolf, aka Mama Wolf, is our Founder, Leader and Teacher 

"You Don't Need Diamonds When You Have Wolves"

She has s​pent her entire life taking care of and fighting for the wolves. 

It is a very tough life to care for so many, but this is what she is on this Earth to do. 

Tonya is a very special person who loves everyone and has the biggest heart in the whole world!

The wolves are my family.  They are part of me and I am part of them. We are one.  My mother told me that I carry the spirit of the wolf.  This is a gift that was given to me by the Great Spirit when I was a child.  I was one of the chosen to be the carrier of the wolf spirit so that I can do for them what they cannot do for themselves.

Wolves need to be understood and this is the reason I give lectures at schools and different organizations.  These lectures teach the public about the plight of the wolf and promotes them to protect and save all of our wolves in captivity and in the wild.Please come and visit our wolves so we can teach you.  We need you and the wolves all over the world need your help. 


Tonya has been with the wolves since she was only two years old.  The wolves trusted her and allowed her to spend time with them in their den.  As Tonya grew up, she spent all of her free time studying the wolves' behavior and learning their ways. 

Tonya has the wolf spirit in her.  She will always have a special relationship with them.

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