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Holan (Hoh-Lahn) (“Healer”) is the wolf that every visitor meets and gets to hang out with on the picnic table!  

Holan was born at Wolf Mountain Sanctuary, part of a litter born of two wolves that were brought to us by County Animal Control.  We were told that the wolves (one male and one female) were fixed, but they weren’t.  We kept one pup to train as an ambassador. The other pups went to other sanctuaries to be trained as ambassadors for their organizations.  

Holan is growing into his name and legacy as a healer. He seems to hone in on areas of pain, like headaches and backaches.

He is showing a real talent for playing nicely with the visitors, posing for photos, and giving kisses.  

Watching him eat pumpkins is a real pleasure!  He also loves knuckle bones, carrots, and chicken breasts. 

Holan thanks you for being his sponsor.