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Professional Artists

Professional Artist Package:  
Call 760-248-7818 and speak to Tonya directly for prices.

Professional artists are welcome at Wolf Mountain Sanctuary.  This includes photographers and other visual artists. 

Rules and Regulations

The Artist Contract must be signed by all parties before the Artist will be allowed into the main compound.

No image of WMS staff may be made, used professionally, or posted on the Internet without express written permission from those persons.

If any images are posted on professional websites, a reference to Wolf Mountain Sanctuary and its website must be included.

If any images are shared on any social media site, a reference to Wolf Mountain Sanctuary and its website must be included. 

Any images or pieces of art taken at, created at, or inspired by WMS are NOT TO BE SOLD in any form unless the artist has express written permission from Tonya Littlewolf, the Founder of WMS.  WMS will receive a portion of the proceeds of any sale from said images or objects of art.  See the Artist Contract for more details.

No videos may be taken without the express written permission of the Founder.

If the intent is to use any image or object of art in a television show, music video, educational video, documentary video, mini-series, motion picture, direct-to-video, pay-per-view, video game, or any other visual medium, an Artist Contract  must be executed before the artist is allowed into the main enclosure.  This includes use of images, drawings, renderings, sculptures to be used in computer graphics or rendering used in movies, animated features, video games, and television shows. 

If any artist comes to WMS and uses his/her work in conjunction with a studio (minor or major), the artist must reveal said association to WMS.  WMS is entitled to a percentage of profits gained from images of WMS and this must be discussed prior to the visit. 

If said artist does not reveal his/her association with a studio (minor or major) and his/her work is used in conjunction with a for-profit visual media project, WMS retains the right to pursue all legal actions against the artist pursuant to the Artist Contract.