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Tonya's 30 year Dream


For the past 30 years, this incredibly spiritual Sanctuary has been located in the high desert of Lucerne Valley, CA which is an environment much too hot for the wolves.  We have been unable to save money to move, due to the high cost of permits and day-to-day care for the wolves.

Tonya has been able to make ends meet and give the wolves the best environment she can, but every day she dreams of being able to move them to a more comfortable place.

With your help, we can move the Sanctuary to Northern Colorado which a more natural habitat with a much cooler climate.

Not only will the wolves be cooler, but we can build large compounds for them to run as their family does in the wild and rescue more wolves that need our help.

Come be a part of Tonya's dream and get the wolves to a better place.

Tonya just had her 64th birthday and every day she prays that this 30-year-old dream will come true.

Join us and make this DREAM COME TRUE for Tonya and for the Wolves!!!

We can't do this without you!!

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