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Balto (Bal-Toh) came to us from East Texas in late 2013.  He is a high-content wolfdog (between 85% and 90% wolf).  His dam and sire were a McKinley Valley Grey Wolf and German Shepherd/wolf mix.

When he arrived at Wolf Mountain Sanctuary, Balto was in poor condition.  He was dehydrated, malnourished, bony, very stressed, and had a bad case of worms.  Tonya nursed him back to health with good nutrition and loads of love.

Balto is a sweet adult wolf, always ready with love and kisses.  He has a couple of attributes that we find particularly charming, his propeller tail and the way he holds his head when walking toward you.  He looks shy and mischievous at the same time!  

After Istas passed on to the Sky People, we were very concerned about Wacipi’s state of mind because her grieving was so deep. Tonya put Balto in with Wacipi to see if perhaps Balto could raise our girl’s spirits.  They are now great friends, chasing each other, playing in the water tubs and generally being adorable.

Balto is particularly fond of jerky and biscuits, and gently takes treats from visitors.  He also likes chicken breasts and carrots.

Balto thanks you for sponsoring him!


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