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Wacipi (“Shadow Dancer” or “Ghost Dancer”) is a beautiful Montana Tundra wolf.   She was born May 8, 2004.  WMS rescued her and two other cubs a little male and female (Yawto and Wanagi), on May 23, 2004.  She was two weeks old and so tiny. 

Wacipi was taken away from her mother at thirteen days old and wasn’t feed until she arrived at WMS.  As soon as Tonya received the cubs, she fed them a bottle of cub milk.  They had to go to the vets two days later.  They were dehydrated, had bacteria, parasites and were stressed from being taking away from their mother.  Wacipi weighed 2 ½ pounds and very weak.  She went home with medicine.  

Tonya went to the store to get all the cubs a stuffed animal to sleep with.  She found two little wolf toys and one beaver.  She gave Wacipi her pick.  She grabbed the little wolf.  She slept with it and no one can take it from her. 

Wacipi has grown in to a beautiful wolf.  She is a bit of a loner, so Tonya takes a little more time with her.  

Wacipi is an Omega wolf.  When she used to go the park on a leash, she loved to roll in the grass, letting the other wolves give her kisses.  Unbelievably, Wacipi loves cats!  Timmy and Issy liked to watch over her and would clean her.  When a cat goes by, Wacipi is happy to see them and turns on her back waiting for some kitty loving.

Now Wacipi weighs over 100 pounds and eats a lot of red meat, chicken, and turkey.  She loves to have her tummy rubbed by the staff and some female visitors.  But she shys away from others, mostly men.  

Since she is an Omega, Wacipi does not like people standing over her or approaching her suddenly.  

For many years, Wacipi and Istas Pejuta were mates.  When Istas passes away in 2013, Wacipi mourned for months.  She has a new companion and is a very happy girl.  

Wacipi thanks you for being her sponsor.