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Niosha (Ne O Sha) (“Healer”) is our new Ambassador Girl!

Niosha was born at Wolf Mountain Sanctuary, to a pair of very young wolves that were staying at the Sanctuary as their home burned in a Southern California Wildfire. They were very stressed from this tragedy and mated at a very early age, under a year and was unpredicted by their owners who were onsite.

The owners were very grateful to Tonya for taking them in while they found a new home and they gifted Niosha to her.

She is a total love bug and was born on April 17, 2019. 

She is growing quickly and learning to be a good Wolf Ambassador.

She loves people but as she is young is still very timid with them and does not do well with large groups yet.  

Watching him eat pumpkins is a real pleasure!  He also loves knuckle bones, carrots, and chicken breasts. 

Niosha thanks you for being her sponsor. 


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